Sunzyme Odor eliminator and odor spray

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Sunzyme Odor Eliminator
Our Newest and Best Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminators

Sunzyme and Carrington Enzymatic Odor Eliminators Don't Mask Odors, they Eliminate Them! Our Carrington and Sunzyme odor eliminator works great for eliminating urine odors and other odors in hospitals, nursing homes, around the house and anywhere bad odors could exist.

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SUNzyme neutralizes odors. Malodors themselves are very volatile and light within the atmosphere. As a result, the malodor permeates throughout the entire atmosphere, first, causing unpleasantness then coming into direct contact with the olfactory senses. When SUNzyme encounters malodors, either static or airborne, it combines with them in the atmosphere forming a neutral substance. Due to the high molecular weight of both the malodor and SUNzyme, they fall to a lower atmospheric level and biodegrade naturally. “Biodegradable” refers to the microorganisms in the environment which break down the SUNzyme. When SUNzyme and malodor fall to a lower atmospheric level, the microorganisms break down the encapsulated molecules. As a result of this biomolecular activity, normal air quality is restored. In many areas where SUNzyme is used continuously, a residual effect will impede the reoccurrence of the odor. SUNzyme may be sprayed into the air or directly onto surfaces. The surfactants in SUNzyme, by nature, are water soluble and biodegradable. SUNzyme can be diluted from a concentrated form and can be used as a process addition to existing products.

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