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The Extractor Bite and Sting Kit

The Extractor Bite and Sting Kit
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Name: The Extractor Bite and Sting Kit
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Item #: B6B
Manufacturer Name: Sawyer

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The Extractor Bite and Sting Kit
The Extractor immediately to get the poison out, before it could do damage. The Extractor is an easy to use suction pump which can safely and quickly remove significant quantities of venom (poison) or irritants from bites or stings. Why is the Extractor Pump better than rubber suction cup kits? It removes more venom, provides more powerful suction (750 millibars) so that no cutting is necessary. It is safe for children, and can be used one handed. It is additionally recommended medically, as the only acceptable 1st aid device for snakebites.

Not only is The Extractor useful for snake bites, but it is also useful for the bites and stings of bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, fire ants, ticks, scorpions, mosquitoes, spiders, flies, and marine life. The Extractor pump removes the poisons which cause the pain. To use, you simply thrust the plunger downward, using the thumb and two finger's.

    The Sawyer Extractor Close Up The Sawyer Extractor comes complete with everything you need for first aid treatment of a bite or sting, and for clean up of the bite site.
  1. Four plastic applicator cups (which give you five possible suction areas to fit the bite, and bite location)
  2. Safety razor for removal of body hair when maximum level of suction is desired
  3. Alcohol pads for wound clean-up and cleaning applicator cups between uses
  4. Sting care pads
  5. Topical benzocaine for pain relief
  6. The complete bite book which gives all the do's and don'ts of treatment and prevention of bites and stings. It also includes a directory of state by state poison control emergency phone numbers, plus additional information.

All this comes in a yellow plastic carrying case. It is 5" X 3" X 1 1/2" and weighs 4oz.


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